Welcome to CrossView! Who are we?

We are one family, living with Jesus as king, pursuing his mission on the earth, until he makes everything new. 

We’ve been adopted into God’s family! That makes us brothers and sisters. We share the experiences of worship, marriage, parenting, aging, working, serving, playing, losing, and winning. We seek the kingdom together. We love each other. And we live out the mission of our Father together!

As we serve together to live out His mission we also celebrate that each one of us has been uniquely gifted by the Holy spirit, and with those gifts we can contribute to the mission of God on earth. Together, we should all be about our Father’s work whether that looks like walking the streets of local communities to meet needs, serving in the cafe, providing childcare during worship services, feeding the hungry in our community, or teaching in a classroom. We each have something special to contribute as we work as a family! This family is also referred to as “the body of Christ” and it looks like this:

We all join together as one to do the things Jesus would be doing if He were physically here, as the Holy Spirit compels and enables us.  


We exist to take His kingdom IN to every home, in every neighborhood, in every city, by reproducing disciples.

This is the way God’s beautiful kingdom is extended! It’s the way more and more people get to experience His life changing good news! So, we spur each other on towards this mission. As more and more people bet everything on the good news about Jesus and His Kingdom, we believe homes and neighborhoods and entire cities will be changed! 

We want to be so involved in the communities around us that if we ever stopped existing, the community would mourn. The church brings light in the darkness, hope in the despair, salt in the flavorless, renewal in the failing. We want to live in such a way that causes people to question why we are so hospitable, generous, and compassionate. 


There are two environments we think are crucial for each of our family members: the weekly gathering and base community. 

Weekly gatherings are for our big family to celebrate who God is and what He is doing. We like to think of this as a time to call our family forward, that we might more fully express Jesus’ will for His church when we go our separate ways!

Base Communities are smaller groups of people that minister to one another, mature together, live out the mission together, and multiply over time. 

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